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Advertising market 2020 main results

the main results of 2020 in the advertising market

The “trend” which has been dominating 2020 is the coronavirus pandemic. It has outlined new social fabrics and accelerated the pace of digitalization. People have realized that the internet in some cases is a much more effective tool than traditional channels.

  • Digital advertising spending will increase in 2021. Experts suggest advertisers will invest primarily in ad campaigns for social networks, mobile devices, and websites.
  • The pandemic has accelerated many trends, and media consumption is no exception. Video games have become the major beneficiary of this year’s lockdowns and restrictions, with the penetration rate grown from 51% to 60% in three months. Users spend 47% more time playing video games every day than a year ago.
  • Digital activities in general have increased by 39% per day and 18% per week, and it should come as no surprise that online entertainment platforms have experienced a real boom, up by 59% per day and 33% per week.
  • Instagram and YouTube still remain the main channels while TikTok is approaching at a blistering pace. TikTok’s growth is impressive in terms of not only absolute numbers but also popularity. The social network was launched in September 2017, and its rapid growth took place in 2019-2020. Bloggers on TikTok already have an audience comparable to that of Instagram celebrities.
  • Generation Z is starting to make their own money, the fact that may dramatically change the social media market in the long run. The average internet user spends almost an hour and a half a day consuming visual content. Facebook today can be compared to what LiveJournal used to be a few years ago most of its users prefer text-based content.

The pandemic has changed the world of marketing forever. People have gotten used to digital entertainment and to the fact that everything they need for a comfortable life can be found online. &nbsp

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