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TikTok represents new advertising implements

In winter 2021, TikTok, the internet service for making and watching short videos, represented some new tools and implements for further promotion. The most popular users may, now, benefit from spreading their opinion about services and goods and sharing links to receive a commission on factual sales. Video makers can post links to any products and brands without being officially assigned. Companies will be able to demonstrate their catalogues. Live shopping is about to appear on-line – a smartphone version of TV-shopping. Users purchase things at a click.

These implements extend the live shopping concept, which TikTok is going to develop in cooperation with Walmart. New advertising functions of TikTok will strengthen its position in a competition with Facebook for the American market. TikTok, by the way, has already announced a newly established partnership with Shopify – the e-commerce platform. TikTok intends to carry on further development of its self-service advertising platform, which enables customers (companies, brands) to place ads on their own. Moreover, the company aims at leveraging the targeting (as a tool), including user tracking.

TikTok advantages and target consumers

The featured strength of TikTok is the fact that it is popular with young internet users. The flip side is that a fraction of this group remain discharged: 40% of users don’t have accounts on Facebook, 63% – on Twitter. Marketers admit, that on this video platform there are billions of views, while on the others – millions. The audience rate has grown by 13%, having reached 4.2 bn., according to We Are Social and Hootsuite. Facebook predominates with 2.74 bn. users.

Social networking applications rating. Global audience.

  1. Facebook — 2,7 bn
  2. YouTube — 2,3 bn
  3. WhatsApp — 2 bn
  4. Facebook Messenger — 1,3 bn
  5. Instagram — 1,2 bn
  6. WeChat — 1,2 bn
  7. TikTok — 689 million
  8. QQ — 617 million
  9. Douyin — 600 million
  10. Sina Weibo — 511 million
  11. Telegram — 500 million
  12. Snapchat — 498 million
  13. Kuaishou — 481 million
  14. Pinterest — 442 million
  15. Reddit — 430 million
  16. Twitter — 353 million
  17. Quora — 300 million


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