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Social media platforms 2021 trends, or what to expect from TikTok?

The market share of social media platforms is growing. Following some rules can help expand your audience reach at a lower cost.

How to drive traffic from TikTok at almost no cost

TikTok manages to meet all basic needs of users and has become a real gold mine of 2020. To run a TikTok account is a global trend this year which will gain even more popularity in 2021. TikTok is a new player in the market and its algorithms ensure the best promotion. Videos easily get on TikTok’s For You feed, gain views and, along with the views, an organic increase in followers comes. TikTok has recently announced its plans to introduce paid promotion methods and to cut non-commercial options in order to increase monetization. The beginning of 2021 is, therefore, a great time to make the most of TikTok’s free promotion options! There are many cases about how traffic from TikTok can be successfully driven to other social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube) and then effectively monetized with advertising.

Is TikTok or Instagram better for promotion?

TikTok has been actively growing and attracting more and more attention this year. Everybody likes its new algorithms, but the platform nevertheless is gradually introducing some features of its competitors, like analytics for livestreams and three-minute videos. Instagram has always been borrowing features from other market players. Vines are a feature of the Vine app, livestreams are from Periscope, stories are from Snapchat. A lot of people expect Instagram to introduce changes to its recommended posts feature and make it look like TikTok’s For You feed. In practice, however, it means that account followers will play a less significant role than they do now, and the lion’s share of promotion will depend on how often your content appears in Instagram’s recommendations. Ties between TikTok and Instagram are very close in Russia. Two things are worth mentioning when talking about prospects of promotion in the Russian market. The TikTok app belongs to China, which is definitely interested in Russian audience. Instagram, on the contrary, has almost no interest in the Russian market. Russia is far from being on Instagram’s top priority list. &nbsp

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