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Vertical YouTube ads, Google adaptive display ads, and Vkontakte forecast

Вертикальная реклама YouTube

Vertical advertising will appear at YouTube

Vertical advertisements similar to Snapchat and Instagram will appear at YouTube. When clicking the vertical ads, users will be redirected to an external link, which can lead, for example, to the website of the advertised company.
The new feature can be used in both universal campaigns and advertisers who buy TrueView products, which are paid only for ads that users have chosen to view.

Google introduced adaptive display ads

Google Ads launches a new format Responsive Display Ads. Advertisers can upload up to five headlines and the same number of descriptions and logo, as well as up to 15 photos with this format. The type, size, and format of this type of ad will automatically adjust to existing ad slots. Responsive Display Ads can be displayed in the form of graphic, text or native ads. And you can evaluate the effectiveness through the report on the objects.
If the advertiser is already running adaptive ads, then the system can translate them into a new format. Google claims that the innovation in the test phase showed an 10% increase in conversions with a similar CPA and standard set of objects.

Forecast of active audience Vkontakte

Vkontakte launched new options for targeting. Now the real number of active users will be displayed, who fit the specified parameters. The advertiser will know how many people can be covered in one month if the ad has sufficient budget and it constantly wins the auction.

Recall that previously the social network added the ability to configure temporary targeting, using the new feature “Schedule of impressions.”

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