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VKontakte removes likes, Odnoklassniki makes statistics available

Odnoklassniki gave access to profile statistics
Users of Odnoklassniki whose accounts are verified and tagged with a blue tick got access to statistics of their profiles. Previously, statistics were available only to groups. Now users are able to track inflow / outflow of subscribers as well as audience reach, engagement, feedback, socio-demographic characteristics, detailed actions with publications (views, likes, comments, reposts, redirects), complaints and hiding of posts.
The feature is available in the web interface of Odnoklassniki, in the mobile version of the network, and in the mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Earlier, Odnoklassniki introduced its own Advertising account for small and medium-sized businesses as well as ordinary users. It allows users to find their audience on the network.

VKontakte removes likes
Vkontakte has started to hide the number of likes a post receives for users.
The social network is currently testing several options for how posts appear in News Feed. One of the options is without the number of likes and reposts. VKontakte technical support said that the new feature is being tested with a small group of people. “Initially, likes were a way of communication between the author and the reader, but over time, users started to perceive them as metrics to measure the quality of content,” Andrei Zakonov, the head of growth and research at VK, explained.

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