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What is necessary for successful website promotion in Google?

In 2020, Google made 4,500 changes to the search engine: changes in ranking, user interface and other areas of search. In 2021, there will be new changes in Google’s work.

Google replaces titles with other HTML elements in search results

In August 2021, Google launched a new title generation system. Previously, titles could change depending on the request, but now the new titles are planned to work better for documents in general.

To meet these goals, title tags will now be replaced by <h> titles and other HTML elements (alternative image text (alt), image file names, anchor text) in search results when generating headlines on Google.

Path Interactive Company used Stat’s position monitoring tool to analyze how snippet titles changed for a number of requests in August 2021, and identified the following frequent types of changes:

  • Replacing <title> tags with <h1> titles and other <h> tags;
  • Adding subcategories or breadcrumbs in the middle of title tags;
  • Removing ellipsis from truncated titles. Ellipsis is a technique used in English-language headlines. It involves the intentional omission of words that are irrelevant to the meaning;
  • Adding numbers or dates to the beginning of the headline;
  • Replacing the vertical line (|) with a dash (-) when adding a brand name;
  • Using alternative text or image file names in headlines;
  • Google adds or changes headlines based on the information it finds on the page.

Google also completed the deployment of its Link Spam Update, an anti-link spam update. This update is global and language-independent, targeting link schemes used by website owners. To avoid problems, it’s important to tag paid links – with the nofollow or sponsored attribute.

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