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Outstanding gambling: the ladies` poker and a vintage casino

New Poker from PokerStars – with the focus on women’s rights

A major global poker room, PokerStars, took advantage of the idea of International Women’s Day and launched a private community for women poker players. The modern poker culture insists on comfortable playing, not just playing. To implement this principle, PokerStars created a community of female insiders called Our Voices. The community will unite both world celebrities and novice players. They will discuss different important questions, exchange experiences and conduct poker events that will popularize the game with the women. Before the project was launched, the brand had gathered the opinions of popular and successful women – professionals in the sector. Among them, with respect, are Yvonne Montelegre, Susan Friedman, Tracy Sumanski, Maria Ho, Mila Monroe and others.

A retro developer will open a casino with the vintage console

A gambling developer with a 50-year history is launching a crypto casino. Atari SA, in partnership with Decentral Games, has created a project based on the Ethereum blockchain with NFT. The project will be included in the gambling ecosystem, which is entirely based on digital assets. The company has been operating since 1972 and has been popular for its Pong and Asteroids arcade games. According to the blog of the studio’s partner, new games will be remakes of the developer’s top retro style products. The launch is going to take place in a month, in April (2021). The first players are promised bonuses and prizes in the form of digital currencies additionally driven to their accounts. Atari also reports that they are fixing to release the VCS game console. The device will be projected in a retro style, with wooden d?cor and a vintage joystick and will cost only $ 400. The console will be a part of the newly designed and ready to launch cryptocurrency ecosystem with gambling. &nbsp

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