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Yahoo Scans Emails, Twitter Helps to Manage Subscriptions

Yahoo покажет почту, а Twitter - неинтересные аккаунты

Yahoo can tell advertisers what’s in your inbox

Yahoo offers advertisers a service which scans users’ emails for keywords to find out about products people are interested in. The service allows analyzing inboxes of millions of accounts, even of those with a Pro subscription, but all information is anonymized before being sold to advertisers.
The system uses algorithms similar to those of Facebook. It spots potential targeting matches and places a piece of tracking code on a user’s computer. This way, advertisers are able to monitor user’s internet activity.

Twitter recommends unsubscribing from uninteresting accounts

Twitter microblogging service has tested a new function. It recommends users which accounts they should unsubscribe from. Testing took several days; the function was available for a small number of users.
Twitter was analyzing users’ news feeds, their interaction with other accounts and then automatically listed those accounts which might be of no interest.

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