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Yandex Updates Advertising Features

yandex обновляет возможности для рекламы

Mobile app ads in Yandex.Direct. What’s new?
Now, all promoted mobile apps can be listed in accounts (app cards). Yandex.Direct will automatically upload icons, prices, and other data from AppStore or Google Play.
Tracking links are no longer to be entered for each and every add.
Presets for some tracking systems were created. All basic parameters, which allow monitoring statistics in tracking systems, are now provided.
Moreover, the Average CPI – a new feature from Yandex – is enabled right away. Previously, advertisers had to wait for ≥ 40 conversions to access the strategy. Once a campaign is launched, the system starts learning that should improve ad performance.

Report for content websites in Yandex.Metrica
Soon, reports for content websites will be available in the service. In ‘Content analytics’ section, you will access detailed data on website performance, including the number of visitors and visits, the average involvement, the percentage of users who read all the way to the end, recirculation (the percentage of users who read more than one piece of content in a single visit), and many more.
Reports will also show you the total number of visits, traffic sources, and the most popular posts.
Yandex plans to launch new features at the beginning of 2019.

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