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New ad tool by Yandex, VK dating app, and Instagram’s account disable policy

Yandex launches new ad tool

Yandex is launching a new ad tool “Super answer” enabling advertisers to add an interactive answer in the text line about their company or product.

The answer will look like search result elements named “Wizards” that were introduced back in 2000. Yandex searches for answers on its own services and shows them in a block on top of other search results.

VKontakte announces dating app

VKontakte has announced the launch of Lovina dating app. The app will focus mainly on video calls and video stories allowing users to get to know each other better and make sure they have made the right choice. The above-mentioned seems impossible in chat-only communication.  

No registration is required to start searching for partners. Users just need to fill out a profile or create it automatically by signing in to a VK account. Based on the information provided by users, algorithms will select suitable interlocutors.

The app will be ads free—only real emotions and new acquaintances. However, Lovina, just like every other dating service, offers additional paid features.  

Instagram to notify if account is at risk of being disabled

Instagram has introduced changes to its account disable policy. The service will start alerting users whose accounts may be deleted. Users will know that their account is at risk of being disabled and will be able to take action.

Users will also be able to appeal moderation decisions directly through the alert. If it turns out that content has been deleted by mistake, Instagram will restore the post and remove the violation from the user’s account record.

At first, such alerts will be available for content deleted for violations of Instagram’s pornography, bullying, harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and counter-terrorism policies. Instagram is planning to expand the list in the forthcoming months.

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