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Promo code from PeerClick

#Trackers & TDS
Look for a promo code for a discount in Peerclick on 3SNET!



PeerClick is a cloud ad tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and wide range of optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently. We have great news! Peerclick grants all 3snet  users 1 mln events / mo for 3 months for free !

Moreover after 3 months you can buy this plan for an incredible price – only 19$.

What does a new plan offer?

3snet + PeerClick plan includes:

  • basic rules for traffic distribution
  • 20 active campaigns
  • 1 custom domain with SSL
  • 1 cloaking campaign
  • logs (for clicks, conversions, out and input postbacks) display of visits / clicks / conversions / postbacks in the order of occurrence and detailed information about them.
  • MetaRefresh/ Double MetaRefresh – hiding your landing page from an affiliate network.
  • reports with 4-level grouping
  • charts – charts of visits, clicks, conversions, revenue, cost and profit.
  • direct and postback pixels
  • landing Page protection – reliable protection against spyware parsing programs that can access and copy your landing page content.

All you need to do is to register with coupon code 3SNET2022 and get 3 months for free.

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