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END: The competition “Who’s got the bigger?”

It’s time to sum up the results of the competition from 3snet “Who’s got the bigger?

Let’s remind, that according to the terms of the competition, the main prize is $1000 – should be received by the publisher, who delivers more than $10 000 and more than the rest for the “Trading” thematic.

For a whole month, we were excited and were watching for those who joined the race, and betted for the winner.

As a result, publisher ID 3957 literally at the last day got ahead and delivered the necessary volume! And he will get a beautiful crunchy green $1000.

We congratulate the winner!

The remaining participants, who reached final, ID 1704 and ID 4434 will receive consolation prizes – $100!

Keep an eye on our new contests and win!


We are launching the competition “Who’s got the bigger?”

Deliver more traffic than any to CPA offers on Trading  thematic and get a prize of $1000!

Competition rules:

  • The condition of receiving the main prize is the maximum amount of money for delivered and approved by the advertiser deposits.
  • Only the webmasters who have delivered deposits for a total of $ 10,000 can claim the main prize. The main prize will be received by the webmaster who, among the passed threshold of $ 10,000, delivers deposits for the maximum amount.
  • You can run one or more offers at once on any geo from the list in the description of the offer.
  • Reconciliations and payments are made in the standard mode, according to the description of the offer.
  • The time of the competition: 01.08.2018-31.08.2018
  • The date of announcing the results of the competition: 15.09.2018
  • Webmasters who make fraud, multiaсcounts and sent incent, are not allowed to compete and are banned. All traffic passes Anti-Fraud checking on our side and on the advertiser’s side. So, if you’re a frauder, read it and create a “cunning” plan in your head, then do not lose time and as Gandalf said ” You shall not pass!”.

But, if you are a conscientious webmaster and you send high-quality traffic, participate in our competition, prove that YOU’VE GOT THE BIGGER amount of traffic, and take the main prize of $ 1000

If you delivered traffic, but did not reach the maximum amount to receive the main prize, do not worry, we have prepared consolation prizes for you!
Run CPA! Do not be sorry!


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