Traffic for utilities affiliate programs

White3snet has utilities affiliate programs with CPI (cost-per-installation) and CPS (cost-per-sale) pricing. Utilities offers are usually launched for all countries of the world.

How do utilities affiliate programs work?

Utilities are computer programs that make life of users more convenient. With utilities, users can reinstall Windows, optimize the CPU performance, fix errors, and much more.

  • The affiliate chooses an offer and uses his or her personal tracking link in a promo campaign. The link allows the advertiser to identify which affiliate has delivered a particular customer.
  • In each offer, the affiliate will find detailed information about allowed traffic sources, test caps, and payouts.
  • A promo campaign is launched to attract new users. The affiliate decides on a traffic source (websites, push notifications, email, banners) and uses creatives on the chosen platforms. The advertiser often specifies which traffic sources are welcome and give a better conversion rate and which are strictly prohibited.
  • After a user performs a required action (he or she has to either buy or install a utility), the affiliate receives the payout.

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