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How to increase your Instagram conversion rate?

What will help you increase your Instagram conversion rate? An Instagram post is one of the main tools for promoting a page, product, or service. The correct text increases the conversion rate.

  • The conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors (post readers) who performed the necessary action (for example, they liked, clicked on a link, or left a comment). Read about other terms in our Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Base.

How to make Instagram text work?

  • Maintain a consistent style and avoid complex professional jargon. People come to Instagram to relax. Communicate information easily!
  • The first two lines of the text are the most important. Make them so that the user wants to read more. The introduction should be powerful!
  • Remember that people read you. The text should help solve users` problems and make their life better. A good option is to ask a question, and immediately offer a solution!
  • To emphasize the value of your offer and give users a good reason to move on, use the fear of missing out. For example, make an offer today, but specify the period during which the discount or promotion is valid.
  • Work with your audience personally and always respond to objections of any nature. Encourage users to take different actions — ask subscribers questions and get their opinions. This is the most effective way to get ahead on Instagram.

You can now hide likes on your Instagram. How did the new feature affect users? In the options, you can now choose to see likes on the posts of all users, either from no one, or only from those to whom the author is subscribed. Some users are positive about the new feature and believe that it helps to reduce social pressure due to concerns about the number of likes. There were also those who negatively perceived the new option – hidden likes, as it used to be the means to identify popular content. However, many have come out in support of retaining this feature. &nbsp

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