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Twitch prohibits gambling referral links

In August 2021, the streaming service Twitch began restricting access to referral links to gambling sites. Also, users need to remove streaming broadcasts and records with gambling advertisements, otherwise they will fall under sanctions.

The innovations are related to the requirements of legislation and apply to broadcasts in the categories labeled “Gambling”. The administration aims these measures to prevent harm and fraud from dubious gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch.

Opinions regarding the ban are divided:

  • Proponents of such a decision believe that it should have been done long ago, because broadcasts are available to minors.
  • Opponents of Twitch restrictions specify that the service was often used by streamers broadcasting games at online casinos. If, according to the decision of the service, the placement of referral links is prohibited, then those who broadcast, are left without earnings.

Despite the advertising restrictions, such categories as Slots, Virtual Casino and Poker will remain on the platform, and viewers won’t have any difficulties in visiting them.

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