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Affiliate programs of casinos are always in demand among webmasters – the target gambling audience is well converted, and traffic sources are accepted by everyone except the incent and fraud. Online gambling business is one of the most cost-effective, as well as work on affiliate programs in this field: many schemes of work, geo, large payments to webmasters. Advertisers in this vertical line especially help webmasters with creatives and care about optimizing partner’s traffic, offering intermediate web-layers for different GEO and devices.

How do casino affiliate programs work?

  1. A new partner (arbitrator) receives a special (referral) link to the casino. It will be possible to determine who exactly the new visitor came from with it tracking link.
  2. Partner places attractive information for new players and a link in social networks, blogs, websites, embeds in emails, etc. Some casinos provide their own creatives (materials to attract new users), others allow their own (but sometimes with limitations and refinements).
  3. After the new player follow the link and performs the necessary action (registration, deposit, start of the game), the partner receives a specified reward from the casino: the exact amount or percentage.
  4. A partner can track the success of an advertising campaign, change its strategy, getting more and more money from the casino.

An important place in the successful work is the quality of promotional materials. It is necessary that they attract exactly the audience that is required by the online casino. First and foremost, we are talking about a solvent population, so gambling is most often prohibited from attracting minors. A distinctive feature of regular visitors of online casinos can be called gambling and the desire to get easy money. Both men and women can play. According to research, frequent visitors to the casino are single people over the age of 30, whose work leaves them enough time and money for entertainment.

Equally important is the channel for receiving traffic. The advertiser often precisely indicates where he wants to get new users in gambling offers. But there are enough offers, in which partner can choose the source himself. Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte), messengers (Telegram), applications, youtube, doorways, e-mailing and push notifications are well converting. Fraud and incent traffic are forbidden.
No one gives ready-made solutions, so a partner can monitor the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and change the placement of creatives and links.
Gambling leads 3snet Expensive
There are several schemes via which you can earn on gambling:

  • CPA stands for Cost Per Action and translates as “pay per action”. In this case, the advertiser is ready to pay a certain amount only for a specific action performed by the new user. In particular, in the CPA, a casino is paid for the first deposit made or for an “active player” (which, after making money, begins to spend it on games).
  • The CPL (Cost Per Lead) scheme is often called a kind of CPA. Here, too, we are talking about the commission of an action, but of a different kind. The advertiser pays for the lead, that is, the contact details left by the new player. In casino affilate programs, you will usually be paid for the registration of a new user on the site or in the application. CPL rates are lower than CPA.
  • RevShare is one of the most popular payment models in gambling affiliate programs. In this case, the advertiser pays a certain percentage (from 30 to 50%) of the amount of deposits made by the new user or the profit received by the casino. An important advantage of this system of work is that the webmaster receives his payments all the while the player makes actions on the casino’s website (that is, making deposits and playing).

You can work on the affiliate program of the casino directly. But it is much more profitable to do this through an affiliate network. The main advantage of cooperation is that the network has a long-term relationship with all casinos, which allows you to quickly and effectively resolve issues, receive payments, increase limits and rates, if the traffic suits the advertiser.

CPA-network 3snet offers its affiliate-publishers the best conditions for cooperation:

  • a wide variety of gambling offers, the opportunity to work with famous and new brands;
  • extensive GEO (Russia, the nearest countries Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus), European countries, China, USA, Australia.
  • various payment models (CPA, CPL RevShare), stable payments;
  • possibility to get individual conditions and higher rates;
  • Working cases and tips of proven masters;
  • constant support and consulting via skype.

Offers of casino affiliate programs from 3snet

CPA-network 3snet offers webmasters a large selection of gambling offers. They differ in different working conditions and requirements of the advertiser, but all allow webmasters to make good money.

Under the common and most famous brand in the world of gambling – Vulkan – different companies work. CPA network 3snet proffers offers from Vulkan Casino, Vulkan Platinum, Vulkanprimer, Vulkan Prestige, Vulkan Neon, Vulkan Grand, Vulkan Vegas, Vulkan 24, Club-Vulkan. There are more than 20 offers operating under this brand. Various conditions are also offered. Most often, GEO Russia is required, but there are offers for the nearest countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan). There are also a lot of offers with a specific traffic source: youtube, context, social network, telegram, Google Play apps and AppStore. Models of work: CPA, CPL or RevShare.

Offer works on the CPL model, offering payment for the player’s registration on the site. However, the advertiser separately specifies that conversion into deposits is not less than 7%, otherwise the traffic can be partially paid. It is possible to attract traffic through Internet sites, doorways, contextual and banner advertising, mobile traffic, video and e-mail. It is prohibited to use only ClickUnder / PopUnder, rebrokering and incent traffic. The advertiser offers a large selection of landings and promotional materials.

All the offers work for CPA, the first deposit of the active player is paid. GEO: Finland, Norway and Sweden. Payment and conditions are the same for all countries. The advertiser provides his creatives. All sources of traffic are accepted, except Incent traffic (Motivated).

A unique affiliate program that offers both CPA and CPL. Geo is only Kazakhstan. The registration of the player is paid (but with a minimum of 7% of deposits made) and the first deposit. In this case, the advertiser requires strict adherence to KPI: it is forbidden to attract minors, use porn resources and refer to other brands, the fraud and motive are not paid. Each new partner is given a test from the minimum amount of deposits or registrations, after which a decision is made on cooperation.

Offices Frank Cazino are looking for new users from Russia and Turkey. The first deposit is paid: while for Russia the total minimum is $10, and for Turkey – $20. But the payment for Turkey is higher. All sources of traffic are allowed, there is a ban only on rebrokering and incent traffic, the fraud and motive are not accepted. Each new partner is given a test for the minimum amount of deposits, after which the limit can be individually increased.

Casino Diamond club offers only two GEO: Italy and Germany. For both offers there is a payment for the deposit of 20 euros and the player’s activity for 5 euros from the deposit amount. At the same time, payment for Germany is higher. Each new web master is given a volume of 5 deposits. The advertiser offers two landings for each country.

The offer is targeted for Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The casino accepts traffic from all sources except ClickUnder / PopUnder, rebrokering and incent traffic. Payment is made on the RevShare model, 50% of the net profit of the casino from the new attracted player.

  • Affiliate program SlotV

Offers from SlotV have different GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as Scandinavian countries. The first deposit is paid, the amount of the deposit and the payment for it depends on the country. All kinds of traffic are allowed, except fraud and incent. After successfully passing the test, it is possible to increase the limits.

  • Casino Columbus Affiliate Program

Casino Columbus has offers with GEO: Russia. A minimum deposit of 5 dollars is paid. Traffic is received from all sources, except for fraud and incent.

  • NetoPartners Partner Program

NetoPartners has offers for various slots and online games. There are many variants of GEO: Canada, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries. The first minimum deposit is paid.

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