Adult traffic


Adult traffic means traffic to offers for adults. This can be sites selling themed goods or sites with videos, photos of an intimate nature, including adult games.

There are bans on resources with such themes and activities in many countries. In Russia, for example, under the law on the illegal production and trafficking of pornographic materials or items, there is art. 242 of the Russian Criminal Code. It provides for sentences of two to six years’ imprisonment with or without deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to fifteen years.

South Korea is also very strict on pornography: anyone who uploads a video on the net, even if it is not of their own making, will be imprisoned for one year or more.

Kenya’s constitution also punishes distribution of any obscene publications with two years in prison or a fine of seven thousand shillings under section 166 of the Kenyan Act.

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And in Iraq, since the Islamic Revolution, there has been a ban not only on the distribution and production of pornography, but also on its viewing. Using spyware systems, the authorities monitor traffic in internet cafes and public places and record visits to unwanted sites.

The 3SNET network does not deal with adult traffic. We recommend paying attention to a niche that is safe in this area – dating.


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