Adult traffic


Partners of 3SNET CPA network have access to an excellent selection of adult offers. GEOs cover all countries. Pricing models include cost per registration, cost per subscription, cost per visitor, and others. Advertisers most often provide detailed information about accepted traffic sources, traffic assessment criteria, and terms of payment.

How do adult affiliate programs work?

  • Every owner of adult services aims to increase the number of clients and is ready to pay for good advertising campaigns and for every new client who will use the service on a regular basis. Available pricing models are CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare, and others.
  • A new partner gets a personal link to be used in an advertising campaign. It can be either a link for a particular adult offer or a SmartLink that allows you to deliver traffic to all offers in one go. The algorithm analyzes your traffic, namely the location and the device type of users, and selects the best offer. Contact your manager in 3snet to get your SmartLink.
  • Every partner should deliver as many clients as possible and motivate them to perform required actions. At the same time, what is important is whether the traffic will pay for itself in a long run; your creatives should not motivate users to perform only a single action. Pay due attention to the choice of traffic sources and advertising materials.
  • In every adult offer, a new partner is asked to fill a test cap. After the test is completed, you will get your personal limit of conversions and can ask for an increased payout.
  • Adult offers have different payout schemes. Depending on how a particular offer works and how good your traffic is, payouts can be made weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

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