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Partner id 36
I work with many agencies and networks on Russia but 3Snet is really amazing for gambling. New campaigns each month, good payouts, managers support you 7/7 and payments are always on time. I absolutely recommend working with them.

Partner id 1368

We have been working with 3Snet for 2 years now. At first, we were doubtful about them as a new partner. But during this time, they have proven themselves as a reliable network. I will highlight the main advantages, in addition to a large number of offers:

  • quick response to any questions (i.e., you can get operational support without problems, that is not always there in other networks)
  • always defend the interests of partners (also important point, because often the webmaster simply is not protected when working, for example, with a bookmaker who can change the conditions on the fly.)
  • they are always ready to make advances, even if you ask them to do something unusual.

All in all, I recommend it for cooperation!

Partner id 4792

I met the guys at Kinza and we discussed how we could be useful to each other. After a couple of weeks, we got in touch and they suggested driving traffic to a great offer, prepared a pre-landing specifically for my type of traffic. Everything worked out with ROI about 300 and the link has perfectly functioned for half a year.  Many thanks to my colleagues from 3Snet, always in touch, fought for my traffic and got the higher rates from the advertisers)

Partner id 7946

I have been working with the 3Snet affiliate program for over a year. My impressions are very positive. The attentive manager always focuses on the actual offers at the moment. There’s a chat room in 3snet where the information is constantly updated about new offers. The offers themselves are also impressive: a bright landing, good commission. Commission is paid on time, no delay. Of all the affiliate programs, I cooperated with, 3snet for me in first place. I wish the affiliate program prosperity and I plan to work with it further. Thank you for being there!

Partner id 4958

Hello everyone! I am working with this affiliate program less than a year, but I have only positive impressions of it. My manager helps me to solve any problem immediately and I don’t even need to bother or even push anyone.  My traffic consists exclusively of my collected PUSHES. Bases are small, but even with them I have my $ 1000-1500/month without stress. They withdraw money once a week without a reminder – although in some affiliate programs they can get on your nerves (personally tested). What else can I say: DRIVE TRAFFIC TO 3Snet and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!

Partner id 495

We have been working with 3Snet for about 4 years in Russia and Ukraine. I’m very glad that affiliate program keeps close contact between web and advertising, which has a positive impact on ROI.) Always a lot of new exclusive offers on gambling (and not only), operational support, high rates on offers and payments without delays. Great affiliate network!


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