Malta gambling license

Лицензия Мальты для азартных игр

Malta is one of the most loyal countries for obtaining jurisdiction in gambling and betting. The Malta Gaming Authority issues four types of permits: they differ in the type of bets accepted and the principle of the organization of the game. The advantage of a Malta gambling license is the ability to obtain permission for all types of gambling services, the use of tax incentives and secure banking services. Obtaining the document allows the organization to enter the European market and obtain the status of an international company in the European Union. It takes more time to process than a license for Curacao, the application also includes a business plan with a marketing and financial strategy. Malta’s license is an indicator of the seriousness of the brand, as the regulator actually checks and penalizes companies very seriously.

Malta’s license, depending on the activity type, can be obtained by:

  1. Game operators who receive a percentage of winnings in player vs. player competitions (sweepstakes, poker, bingo).
  2. Operators of games with randomly generated winnings (roulette, poker, slots, blackjack, etc.).
  3. Operators of games where the results depend on the outcome of the competition (bookmakers).
  4. Operators of games where the winnings depend on ratings and statistics (e-sports, fantasy sports).

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