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Parimutuel betting in Poolbet. What is it?

Parimutuel betting in Poolbet is a new way to bet on sports and make money. Players can place bets on their own or join various syndicates. This is what makes Poolbet stand out from other services.

What is the difference between Poolbet and a bookmaker agency?

Bookmaker agencies make money from margin (lower than real odds in coefficients) and players’ losses. In other words, bettors play against bookies.

Parimutuel betting is different. The system here resembles the one used in some lottery games. Players play against each other: they bet with each other and collect the total pool of bets. The pool is then divided by those players who correctly guessed the outcome of the event. The service charges a commission on all money that was initially invested in the syndicate. Therefore, Poolbet profits when players win, continue betting, and win again.

What is a syndicate?

Each of the players who consider themselves sports or betting strategies experts can create a syndicate in Poolbet.

Putting money in a syndicate resembles investing in crowdfunding. Players invest into a single fund and then split winnings or losses. Access to a syndicate can be open or closed, available only with a code. This is where cappers go.

A capper is an expert in sports betting who is able to choose the most profitable betting strategy.

Every player can become a syndicate captain. Poolbet, in its turn, gives captains personal promo codes for tracking new members who join their syndicates. Syndicate captains receive rewards for each newcomer. Depending on how successful a syndicate is, its captain can get into international rankings. It allows boosting the captain’s reputation.

Syndicate captains gain popularity when their significant victories are shared on social media. This information helps players to choose the most successful captain or syndicate.


The Poolbet service guarantees the following:

  • pre-screening of syndicate captains;
  • automatic payout (in proportion to a person’s contribution to a syndicate);
  • Russian license and payouts via TSUPIS (Russia’s center for taking interactive bets).

Advantages of betting on sports in Poolbet

  • Expert support. Consider opinion of experts—syndicate captains—when making your decision.
  • Free game. Play a free game and get a chance to win real money. A player deposits from 300 RUB and receives coupons for free games. The bigger the monthly deposit amount is, the better chances are for playing high-stakes games for free.
  • Unusual sports. Poolbet is now offering betting on horse racing, dog racing, and other popular European sports.

According to Poolbet COO Vladislav Beshkarev, Poolbet plans to attract 10% of players who now place bets in betting agencies and 3% of lottery players. The company believes these results will be achieved next year already.

“Our main goal today is to help players start winning. Unlike bookies, we profit when players win”, added Beshkarev.

“We’re working to offer players a wider variety of games. In the nearest future, we’re planning to introduce live-betting on racing events which take place at the largest hippodromes of the world. Poolbet has already signed contracts with Racing UK and Phumelela; negotiations with PMU, ATTHERACES, SIS are underway”, the company told us. Read more about Poolbet.

Poolbet affiliate program

The Poolbet affiliate program has different variants of the CPA and RevShare pricing models:

  • reward for the number of bets received from a player (one-time or returning);
  • % from the total amount of a draw which a syndicate participated in.

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