Rox Casino affiliate program

Rox Casino affiliate program

About Rox Casino affiliate program 

Rox Casino affiliate program has a CPA pricing model: the affiliate commission is paid when a new player makes the first deposit. Rox Casino is primarily oriented towards the Russian audience that is why the offers are for RU GEO. Rox Casino has different offers for different traffic sources. Detailed information about conditions of traffic approval, payouts, and test caps is given in the description of the offers.

The advertiser carefully monitors the quality of traffic and has its own evaluation criteria. If traffic does not comply with the KPIs, the advertiser can place a hold on the payout. In order to avoid any difficulties, read carefully all the information provided in the offer prior to starting your campaign. If any questions arise, contact your manager.

About Rox Casino

Rox Casino website is real Las Vegas in the world of online gambling where players can try various slots, roulette, live dealer and board games. New players get a 200% bonus on the first deposit (up to 100,000 RUB); all players receive a 10% cashback on all payments. Various tournaments and lotteries are held in Rox Casino every week.

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