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Promotion of games holds a special place in internet marketing, and many affiliate networks give particular emphasis to it. 3snet provides access to a number of gaming offers for desktop and mobile. Each advertiser carefully describes all terms of partnership and requirements affiliates have to meet to get their traffic paid.

How do gaming affiliate programs work?

  • The income of the game owner depends directly on how much the player spends during the game. Therefore, advertisers are interested in solvent and “long-playing” audience, are ready to pay well, and offer various pricing models: CPI, CPL, CPA, CPS, RevShare, and others.
  • The partner gets the personal tracking link. If the offer accepts either only mobile or only desktop traffic while your traffic is mixed, you can use the tracker for its distribution. The traffic of the required type will go to the offer while all the rest will be redistributed to the other offer that has suitable requirements. You can find promo codes for free trial of trackers on the Promo codes page.
  • When promoting the gaming offer, the partner should follow its terms and deliver traffic of the quality that fully satisfies the required KPIs (the percentage of logins to the game, the number of purchases, the return rate, and others). If your traffic fails to meet any of the requirements, it can be partially declined and remain unpaid. And of course, no one will ever pay for incentivized or fraudulent traffic.
  • The game owners have their own anti-fraud systems. Moreover, 3snet also analyzes all the incoming traffic. The double control leaves no chance for the fraudster to get the payout.
  • Each gaming offer has its test cap; it can be a certain number of registrations, actions, purchases, etc. After the test cap is filled, the owner of the gaming offer assesses the traffic and can either refuse to cooperate with the affiliate or, on the contrary, ask to intensify the advertising campaign; the payment rate, the cap, and the payout scheme can be renegotiated.

Deliver high-quality traffic to our gaming offers and get stable payouts in 3snet.

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