Traffic for e-commerce offers

White3snet has a wide selection of e-commerce affiliate programs with various categories of goods for various countries. Each offer gives detailed information about the requirements the affiliate has to meet to get the traffic paid. Pre-made landing pages and creatives are provided.

How do e-commerce affiliate programs work?

The advertiser can save on a retail space rental, sellers’ salaries, excessive paperwork and allocate more money for marketing instead. These are large payouts that make e-commerce affiliate programs so popular among affiliates.

  • Each new partner gets his or her personal tracking link. This link allows the advertiser to identify which affiliate has delivered a particular customer.
  • Usually the affiliate is paid for approved buying requests or purchased goods.
  • The affiliate should use his or her tracking link together with creatives, either of his or her own or provided in the offer, to attract users’ attention and to make them buy goods from the advertiser.
  • Due attention should be paid to the quality of creatives: all materials should be appropriate for the target audience, should be eye-catching and stick in memory.
  • To choose the right traffic source is no less important for the affiliate. The advertiser usually specifies which traffic sources are allowed and which are not.
  • After the user performs the required action (CPL, CPA), the affiliate receives the money for the customer he or she has delivered.
  • Usually payouts for e-commerce offers are made weekly.


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