Feedbacks and wishes for 3snet


If you want to give us a present, please send your suggestions on how we can make 3snet better!

These are possible answers: you can copy and paste them into the form below; or you can write your variants.

For example, you can tell what you like about 3snet

  • Everything is super
  • You have many offers, and I can always find the right one for me
  • Your managers are polite and always ready to help
  • You run interesting contests
  • You post useful materials in social networks and relevant news
  • You write good cases
  • There are no problems with payouts

Or maybe you do not like anything about 3snet.

  • Everything is bad
  • You have many offers, and I cannot figure out which one to choose
  • Your managers are cads and can explain nothing
  • I’m sick and tired of your contests
  • You are too active in social networks, and much of what you post is rubbish
  • You write cases too rarely. I want more cases, and they should be more relevant
  • Your billing is hard to understand

So, what could make us better?

  • more offers for foreign countries
  • more offers for Russia
  • more gambling offers (or other verticals)
  • more CPA offers (CPL, RevShare)
  • more whitehat offers
  • more exclusive offers
  • more cases
  • more/less contests
  • new payment methods (please specify)

If you want your wishes for 3snet come true, please write us about them. We’ll do our best to fulfil them all.

    Thank you! We reserve the right to fully or partially publish feedbacks.

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