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Best offers for Latin American countries

Latin America (LATAM) has a huge potential for development of the gambling and betting industry. It is a region which includes 33 countries with a total population of about 600 million people. Regulation of gambling and betting advertising differs from country to country and also depends on cultural characteristics of each particular nation. While Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico have succeeded in regulating gambling games, Brazil remains the largest illegal market of the region.

What is going on in Latin America’s gambling market?

  • Argentina has about 100 casinos licenced companies can offer their services online. Websites of offshore casinos which haven’t been registered in Argentina remain available as well. Slot machines are very popular among Argentinians. The fact is confirmed, among other things, by multibillion-dollar revenue of Codere. Football is Argentina’s favorite in the world of sports betting on volleyball, tennis, golf is also in demand.
  • In 2016, Colombia adopted an open-license regulatory regime and legalized almost all types of gambling activities boosting the development of the industry. Bingo and casino operators make payments to Colombia’s budget.
  • Mexico’s legislative framework of gambling regulation was revised in 2019. A 2018 survey showed that the main audience of the gambling industry are 25-30 year olds with a bachelor’s degree and a good income. Most respondents, however, didn’t admit gambling on offshore websites. Mexico is also one of the countries where cryptocurrency users are especially active.
  • Brazil, being the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the sixth most populous, is one of the most promising gambling markets. In 2016, the market value of the illegal gambling and betting industry in the country amounted to over $5 billion. Since then, the industry’s growth has probably accelerated due to technological advancements and the shift towards a more digital world. In 2018, Brazil attempted to legalize the gambling business, the sports betting and poker sectors in particular, but some legislative issues still hinder effective and successful implementation of the initiative.

Traffic from Latin America is in great demand among casinos, bookmakers. 3snet has listed the best offers from various verticals for LATAM traffic.

Gambling offers (CPA pricing):

  • Superlines — €52
  • LeoVegas (GEO: Chile, Peru, Brazil) — €30
  • The Lotter — $45.

Betting offers (CPA pricing):

  • Betwarrior 22 Countries — $60
  • Mega Pari [SEO, Doorway, APP] — $40 (for Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
  • Football XP — $17-30 (for Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia)
  • 888starz 21 Countries — $25.


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