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Top loan offers in Russia

The microfinance market in Russia has been growing at a good pace (about 29% each year) since 2017, and this growth continues despite gradual tightening of control measures. Microfinance has even benefited from introduction of new control measures and adoption of amendments to Russian laws. Financial services are provided by reliable MFIs which can guarantee their clients transparent terms and conditions. Individuals are actively involved in this sector of the economy—more than 11.3 million people in 2019. Since “Russian payment services and casinos faced some minor problems”, affiliates who deliver traffic to Russian casino offers have been trying to find a new niche. Statistics shows that traffic with MFI borrowers convert well if paired with casino offers. Maybe reverse logic can be applied to casino traffic and loan offers? If you have casino traffic, try switching to loan offers. To help you reorient, 3snet has listed top offers with the best loans in Russia.

  • AutoZaim — 6000 RUB per car title loan (your lead has to register and confirm their contact details)
  • Cash-U — 2000 RUB per application for a loan of more than 3000 rubles) from new clients
  • Do Zarplati — 1500 RUB per loan of more than 2000 rubles impressive creative pack!
  • Pay Ps — 1300 RUB, target audience 21-63 years old
  • MishkaMoney — 1200 RUB for the first loan, 350 RUB for repeat loans
  • Slavazaim — 1200 RUB for the first loan, 350 RUB for repeat loans
  • Mister Zaim — 100 RUB per properly filled-out loan application
  • Good Zaim — 80 RUB per phone number confirmation and proper loan application.

Microlending regulations and borrower protection in 2020

2020 brought some amendments to Russian law on microloans, and now consumer loans are issued on new terms:

  • borrowers must never pay more in interest and fees than 150% of what they borrowed
  • interest and fees charged must not exceed 1% per day of the amount borrowed
  • a financial designee can represent interests of the borrower (free of charge and in absentia) and settle the dispute before it goes to trial.

Adoption of these amendments has led to a rise in microlending. People are now more willing to borrow and no longer afraid to face any underlying problems. New microlending regulations to come into force in Russia in 2021

  • Starting 1 October 2021, microfinance organizations must ask borrowers to confirm their income. The requirement earlier applied only to loans of more than 50,000 rubles and money lent for a car purchase when the car is used as collateral. The new requirements will allow calculating the debt burden ratio (DBR). The DBR is the ratio of the total debt the borrower owes (including the loan which the borrower has applied for) to monthly income the borrower receives. The DBR above 50% is considered high, and lenders often deny loans in such situations.

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