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TOP offers with promo codes

Many bookmakers have various promo codes for registration bonuses, and it definitely helps attract new players. 3snet network lists offers with such promo codes which webmasters can use in their advertising campaigns.

  • GGbet CPA RU legal — $60 for the first deposit of 500 RUB from an active player. Requirements to audience: men aged 18-40 with online games- and esports-related interests have to constitute up to 90% of traffic.
  • Melbet CPA RU+CIS — 2700 RUB for a sum of deposits and bets from an active player.
  • 1winbk CPA RU — $35 for a sum of deposits made by an active player within 30 days from registration.
  • BetCity CPA RU legal — 1700 RUB for a sum of deposits and one bet. Players have to pass identification. Premade creatives are at your disposal.
  • Leon CPA 3 countries — $20 for the first deposit from an active player. The rate will be increased to $29 if the affiliate stably delivers certain volumes of traffic. GEO: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

We’d like to remind that on our website there is a section where we publish promo codes for discounts or free access from various services for affiliates.

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