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На каких сайтах можно найти тотализатор в России?

A sweepstake (the Tote) is a type of sports betting. Another name for sports betting, which is offered by many bookmakers, is TOTO. Differences between online Tote and regular sports betting:

  • Winnings depend not on a coefficient, but on a number of correctly predicted results
  • The winnings are formed as follows: wagers of all players are summed up the organizer (bookmaker) takes no more than 10% for business risks. The event ended, the prize pool is apportioned proportionally: whoever guesses the most, gets the most.
  • The set of games and bets is determined in advance by the Tote runner
  • The player can place any number of bets within a single draw
  • If the prediction is correct, you can win the jackpot — an amount, specially formed by the bookmaker of the shares of the pool that were out of a draw previously.

What types of online sweepstakes are there?

  • “1X2 “or “15”

The organizer provides a selection of 15 events (of one or different sports). To win you need to guess correctly the results of at least 9. The possible results are: a win, a draw, less than or more than a certain total. “Exact score” Most often, the bookmaker offers at least 8 events. To get a prize, you need to correctly name the final score of at least two matches.

  • Horse Racing Sweepstakes

The player can bet on the outcome of different competitions, with a special counter showing how much is bet on each horse and the total amount of the prize pool. Issues of the sweepstakes in Russia Since September 30, 2020, new rules for the organization of sports betting and sweepstakes have become into effect in Russia. The novelties mean tougher control. Now a BC is required to obtain individual licenses: for accepting sports bets and for a totalizator. At the same time, you can only accept bets on horse races as part of the sweepstakes.

  • Read more about how betting shops and sweepstakes should now work in Russia.

Unfortunately, within the framework of the current legislation, the market leaders, BC Fonbet and BC BetCity, refused to accept bets on sweepstakes. Earlier, in April 2020, due to the pandemic-related cancellation of horse betting around the world, Poolbet, the first sweepstakes company in Russia, did the same. Sweepstakes in the BC of Russia As of April 2021, some bookmakers continue to accept bets on sweepstakes:

1xBet Offers 7 sweepstakes. There is a “15” with a daily pool of 4 million rubles and a jackpot of 5 million rubles and an “exact account”. The bookmaker offers separate sweepstakes for sports: football, hockey, basketball. The jackpot in the esports sweepstakes exceeded 8 million rubles.

Three types of sweepstakes. In the “Exact score” and “1X2” toto, 8 and 15 football events are offered, you can bet “by pool”, against the pool, make a random or batch bet. There is also a sweepstake for tennis events, with a jackpot of more than 50 thousand euros. Most legal bookmakers in Russia have made chosen sports betting and refused to organize sweepstakes. At the same time, in order not to lose the audience, they have to develop and improve their services. Therefore, it is a good time now to drive traffic to Russian legal bookmakers who offer increased rates.

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