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Case: dating traffic generation with $1,000 profit and without investment

3snet network continues publishing a series of extremely useful cases written by our long-term partners. You can familiarize yourself with various useful inexpensive or free marketing tools and learn how they can help you get traffic (and money!).

Case from 3snet: dating traffic generation without investment

What do I do?

I find websites or services where particular actions performed by the average user can be automated and lure real users of the website/service into communication.

Dating offers

Dating offers, as always, are chosen in 3snet network.

How to find a traffic source for dating offers

For quite a long time, I’ve been using Similarweb reports to find new traffic sources. Look through large-scale or thematic websites and check them with Similarweb. Here is an example for my case—a dating-themed website.

Как выбрать источник для дейтинга сервис Similarweb

How to test a traffic source

A website with good traffic statistics is chosen, its thematics suit you. We’re ready to start manual tests. The first thing to do is to sign up.

тестирование источника

A website with good traffic statistics is chosen, its thematics suit you. We’re ready to start manual tests. The first thing to do is to sign up.

Льем на дейтинг создаем профиль
Signing up is easy, without captcha; signing in with a social media account is also available. I was asked to verify my email address by clicking on the link in the verification email. OK, I created 2 new email accounts. Then came another surprise—SMS verification. There are plenty of SMS receive services online, and it doesn’t cost much.

Once signing up is done, I start testing what the website can offer me. A profile is needed.

Как лить на детинг оцениваем аудиторию сайта
Photos are moderated manually. You can find plenty of photo packs online; choose the one which hasn’t been overused and pass the moderation easily. No nude private parts and no even hinting at nude private parts are allowed. No text and urls can be added to the photo. Upload the photo, fill out the profile. Don’t add any unnecessary details, don’t take it to extremes to avoid getting blocked.

Let’s have a look at the number of users online. There are thousands of users, it’s good to have what to work with. I visit several profiles, people start visiting mine and sending direct messages straight away.

льем на дейтинг без вложений оценка сайта

кейс про дейтинг сколько сообщений пришло

You can start only 10 conversations a day. If you reply to incoming messages, there are no such limits. I tried sending a shortened url, and it didn’t work. The same was with addresses like Then I tried adding spaces between dots (go. gl /h78jhyk), and it did work. I replied to all incoming messages like this: “Find me, your honey bunny, here (+ the url). My nickname is kukusik94. Delete spaces in the url.”

Как правильно вставить ссылку, когда льешь на дейтинг
After about 40 minutes of replying, I checked statistics and saw 20 unique visitors and even 1 conversion. It works! Let’s proceed to automation.

How to automate dating traffic generation?

Take 1. Automation for Russian traffic.

I use BrowserAutomationStudio, a really good free automation solution. 

There aren’t any particular limits, and I used only 3 accounts. I didn’t want to spend more on SMS. 

Create a simple template (a lot of video tutorials are available on the web and YouTube; newbies can ask for help in the Bablosoft community). A fast-working template is not what we need right now, so record your workflow in the BAS browser; POST/GET requests we’ll leave for advanced users.

What the template should look like: Sign up, verify account, collect links to profiles of all users who are online, visit their profiles, like their photos. Check private messages every 5 minutes. Reply to new messages: start with “Hi”, then write something neutral, like “How are you doing?”, then, in the third message, send the link.

A digression about the right logic. I decided to randomize my responses to private messages and added the p-bot chat bot. It’s an online chatbot with open learning. You can correct its answers and add new variants. My template forwarded questions from my interlocutors to the bot and then replied to them with a response generated by the bot. 

Pleased with myself, I launched everything late at night and went to bed. An unpleasant surprise awaited me in the morning. My statistics showed a fivefold drop in the number of visitors. 10 minutes later, I found out that I had forgotten to record in my template that cookies had to be cleared each time the bot was addressed. The bot treated all phrases from all my interlocutors as a conversation with one person. The second person who wrote “Hi” received “We have already greeted, I think.” Then there were responses like “You repeat.” or “Enough of me, troll.” It’s no wonder that my interlocutors weren’t ready for this turn of events and quitted. The moral of the story: check carefully if your template has the right logic, do tests.

I fixed the bugs and launched my campaign once again. Everything was going well, I was getting conversions, but two days later, site admins banned the link, and I had to duplicate it in several other url shorteners. The campaign was running, with varying success, for another week. All links in personal messages were then banned, and I had to use an autoresponder for WhatsApp (try to google “MEMU + free autoresponder for WhatsApp”). Autoresponders allow planning a chain of responses as well so you can avoid sending the link straight away.

Take 2. New GEOs open accidentally.

Days were passing by, my accounts rarely got banned, everything was fine until I accidentally stopped receiving SMS to RU phone number in my SMS receive service. I could have chosen another service but decided to try verification with KZ and UA phone numbers, and, lo and behold, it turned out that signing up from Ukraine required no SMS verification at all! Why hadn’t I thought about it earlier?

It was an excellent opportunity, but I had to act fast. You remember that the website allows starting 10 conversations a day with any users. I quickly rewrited my template with POST/GET requests and started using free proxies by HideMe. The template worked as follows: collect ids of all users who are online, register a new account and send 10 messages with creatives, clear cookies, connect with another proxy and register another account. It was obvious that my activity wouldn’t go unnoticed, so I was running my template only between 1 and 6 am (Moscow time). Two day later, the bug was fixed, but I have received and still continue receiving a pleasing number of leads and conversions.

I worked with this source for a couple of months, spent a couple dozen Russian rubles on SMS verification and made about $1,000. As for the time I spent, manual tests were the most time-consuming, about 3 days altogether. It also takes 1 to 2 days to write, implement and test each template—in this case, it took 2 days altogether.

My statistics in 3snet

July 2020
Льем на дейтинг без вложений статистика за июль 3snet

August 2020
Кейс от 3snet по дейтингу статистика за август

I finished working with this website in August but continue getting conversions in September.
Дейтинг в 3snet коневерсии сентябрь 2020

The traffic source is exhausted for now. While writing the case, I, however, visited the website and noted good user activity, so I might be back. 

Кейс как лить на дейтинг 1000 долларов без затрат


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