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How to deliver Inbox traffic

To begin with, the problem is familiar to many. At first everything looks very simple: you bought a new server and did everything sort of as right (headers, signatures – all strictly according to the recommendations). As a result, the mailtester puts you when checking 10 out of 10, everything is fine, you can shoot. You’re uploading the database and press the cherished button “Send Now”

And then the real trash and bummer begins. Analyzing the “Postmaster” service and what do we see? Maximum 50 letters of the sent were included in the “incoming” letters. A few hundred letters left in the “yellow” zone with the note “possible spam” (nothing good). Then – the letters in the “red” zone marked as “spam for sure.”

In the end, everything ends pitifully: a letter with the mark “550 reject SPAM” comes to your mail, and the next day the server appears to be in black-lists. Hostster is hysterical and angry, demanding to stop the disgrace. There might happen a total catastrophe, it is when the server fall into the anti-spam database (in that case nothing can be done at all).

Thus, instead of profit, we get only problems and frustrations.

Let’s see why this happenes and what can be done?

What do email services see? A new server appeares, in which suddenly, in one day, thousands of subscribers appear at once. Suspiciously. Therefore, it is necessary to depict the naturalness, as if the subscriber’s base was typed in gradually, as if it was at the “normal” site. This is called “warming up the server.” How to do it?

  1. Buying accounts on, yandex, gmail – depending on where you plan to send out.
  2. Beginning to send letters, starting with 20 and then increasing more and more (50, 100, 200 …). The only secret is to send out “as if natural” number of letters to subscribers, that is, not round number: 17, 43, 121, 243, 311 …
  3. The letter: plain text, no links and pictures. That is, it’s “like” not sending, but simply transactional correspondence with users.
  4. Now we must prove that the letters are read, and they are interesting to subscribers. And that users are forced to look into the “spam” folder and find out your useful letters there. How to do it? You can go to each account and find your letters, select them, mark them as “read” and transfer them to the “incoming” ones anonymously and “by hands” after each mailing. You can even answer the letters. The method is good, but very boring and nervous. Well, how much can you process letters like this? 100 maximum, and then go to the madhouse. And every day (warm-up takes about a month in average) there will be more and more letters.
  5. To save time and nerves, let’s assign this routine operation to the “Tramaster” software. It will do everything for you: find the letter in the folder, open it, forward it to the “incoming”. It even can answer letters. The program can handle several tens of thousands of emails simultaneously. You just need to select the mode and the number of tasks, and then click “Start”. The program works, you rest.

A few recommendations, “what if” ….

  • If all the first 20 (about that) letters are sent to the “spam” folder, then we run the “trastmaster” and wait. Do not increase the number of daily letters until everything stably comes into the “incoming”.
  • If in some days all the new letters have gone back to “spam”, then we pause again and do not increase the number of emails until everything starts coming in.
  • If suddenly all letters are consistently going to “spam” (get into the “red” zone), then immediately stop the mailing for at least 5 days. Be prepared for unpleasant negotiations with the support service. Urgently check all possible jambs, spam-words, speed of dispatch.
  • If we see error 421 in the mail server logs, then stop the mailing. And we patiently wait for the letters to be delivered (it may take up to three days!). In this case, the queue of dispatch should not be cleaned.

As a result, after about a month in the postmaster there will be such figures as reputation. The less it is, the better for you. Follow this value and, if necessary, correct it (using the “trastmaster”) in the future.

Thus, now you have a server via which you can send letters on the available databases of live people. How to make money on the newsletter, you do understand. Be sure, your letters are interesting, fun and useful. When you chose the offer, consider the audience: financiers – forex, players – gambling, athletes – betting and so on. You can find profitable offers for any auditory and creatives for distribution in the affiliate network 3snet.

And the last advice. If you receive complaints, remove these addresses from the database. To do this, configure the FBL service in the post-master, all the addresses of the complainers will be delivered to your e-mail. Send letters only to those who read you, check the database regularly. Thus, your base will be able to work and bring money for a long time.

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