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Case: How to triple profit by simply changing payment model

  • Traffic source: push-notifications from webmaster’s websites

My name is Sergey and I work in 3snet. For several years already, I’ve been not only supporting affiliates but also helping them to develop the most profitable methods for traffic delivery. Here I’d like to share a simple way to triple the conversion from registrations to deposits for Vulcan casino offers.

When it comes to gambling, webmasters are more interested in CPL offers. In 50 per cent of such offers, no approval of conversions is required; advertisers push their audience well with various bonuses. Traffic of slightly better than ordinary quality definitely converts at 3-5 per cent, but if you have high quality traffic, you can expect from 10 to 15 per cent or even more. However, it isn’t the conversion rate but the ROI that matters to advertisers in a long run. Even with a high conversion rate you might deliver players with small first deposits and a low retention rate.

That is what happened to one of my webmasters who had been delivering traffic to Vulcan casino for almost a year by then. “Though everything is more or less okay with the quality, retention rate and first deposits, the traffic hasn’t paid for itself in a long run,” the advertiser said and offered the webmaster to change the payment model from CPL to CPA.

We chose a CPA FTD offer from the same advertiser, but the very first campaigns showed that not many deposits were to be expected. The offer turned out to be not as profitable as we thought it would be. It should be noted that the webmaster has his own script for sending push notifications and doesn’t use public services. He is able of monitoring the audience. I proposed that push notifications be sent not to the entire user base but only to those users who had already registered in this FTD offer. To do so, we extracted all IPs of the registered users, and the webmaster updated his script to save IPs of those users who click on push notifications.      

Everything changed. We started sending in two stages.

  1.    We send pushes with creatives that motivate users to register.
  2.    We send pushes only to those IPs that have already registered in the offer.

The conversion from registrations to deposits increased three times. The retention rate increased much as well, according to the advertiser. We asked for an increased payout, and the offer became more profitable as a result of not only the better conversion but also the increased payout.

This case was written by permission of the webmaster.

I’m glad to help webmasters with quality traffic to develop various methods that increase conversion rates and profitability. If you are ready to discuss, to make tests, and to cooperate, join 3snet!  

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