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END: сontest ”Happy Apple Year”

The contest is over; the results have been summed up. The winner inside 3snet network is ID 4792! Our congratulations! You’ll get your prize soon.

And there is how it all took place:

”Happy Apple Year” is a new contest from our advertiser!

Deliver traffic with #3snet to #offers Mazilla, Credilo, Visame and win cool prizes. A ticket system will be used to identify the winners. The higher your place is, the more tickets you have. Your place depends on how many approved leads you deliver.

Offers that participate in the contest:

  • id 820 Visame CPL KZ
  • id 931 Credilo CPL KZ
  • id 933 Mazilla CPL KZ
  • id 937 Mazilla CPL RU
  • id 938 Credilo CPL RU
  • id 939 Visame СPL RU

Our advertiser has already prepared the top Apple devices for the winners:

  1. 1 winner – MacBook Pro 13
  2. 2 winner – iPhone Xs
  3. 3 winner – AppleWatch Series 4

3snet, in its turn, will present the winner inside the network with AirPods.

The contest period is from 20 November 2018 to 20 March 2019.

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