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Mostbet and 3SNET super contest “Half year with God&#039 s rate”

3SNET and Mostbet super contest “Six months with a God’s payout!” starts on December 1, 2020. Never before! Main prize: guaranteed increased exclusive rates for 6 months (from 01/01/2021 – 06/30/2021) for Mostbet offers via 3Snet network.

The competition will be held in 2 stages. 10 lucky winners will receive increased rates according to the fulfilled KPIs established by Mostbet and three participants will receive consolation prizes in the form of cash certificates. Terms and conditions of selection by stages: Stage 1 takes place from 1st to 15th of December. 40 publishers will be admitted to the first stage. Required conditions: deliver 25 ftd, which will meet the achievable KPIs set by Mostbet. Stage 2 runs from 17th to 26st December. The second stage includes publishers whose traffic has passed the Mostbet KPI. Required conditions: deliver 100 ftd minimum, which will pass according to the achievable KPIs set by Mostbet. The competition is focused on the following geo: RU, AZ, UZ, TR, IN Attention! Fraud, incentivized, forbidden sources and creatives are excluded from the competition together with the publisher himself without payment and without discussion! Multi-accounts will be excluded from KPI accounting if the traffic quality is good in total. If the number of multi-accounts is high, such traffic will be excluded from the competition.

Hurry up to prepare your advertising campaigns right now!

How to apply for participation in the competition:

  1. go to your personal account in the 3snet system
  2. find offer id 2539 and request access
  3. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to describe your traffic sources. Only publishers with verified sources will be admitted to the competition.
  4. wait for the approval!

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