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3snet Summer Race!

Attention! The 3snet Summer Race competition is over!

The winner will be announced at the end of September, as soon as all reconciliations for the offers which took part in the “race” have been completed. The awarding ceremony will take place on the 5th of October at the MAC conference! It is interesting to know that the Apple MacBook will be awarded at the MAC conference.

By the way, another prize will be awarded there – to the winner of the “Autumn Moneyfall” contest from the “Liga Stavok”!

We thought and decided, let the COMPETITION start! SO, the rules are pretty simple!

The whole summer (from 18th of June til 31st of August 2021) run offers from the Hot Promotions section! Start right now, June 18! For a complete list of offers, taking part in contest, check:

We will work hard all summer so that the coolest brands and the hottest increased rates, additional payouts for the volume, and many other sweets were presented in the Hot Promotions section!

Terms: The winner is the one who brings the most profit to his favorite affiliate network 3Snet, that is, drumroll, THE MARGIN! And a large margin is obtained SIMPLY: deliver as much quality traffic as possible!

About traffic: fraud, duplicates, schemes, fraud and other low-quality traffic do not participate in the competition. Such traffic will be cut, the participant will be disqualified! *This traffic will always be cut, not only during the Summer Race. Leave it to yourself! We will sum up the results at the end of September! We would love to summarize the results earlier, but there is a schedule for verification from our beloved advertisers!

We check the standings every week! Perhaps we will even make bets 🙂

The Prize: The Most Profitable Webmaster Will Get A Wonderful Fast Laptop From Apple!

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