Crypto traffic and offers

Crypto traffic and offers

3snet provides affiliates with a wide selection of crypto offers in various subcategories: popular and exclusive binary options funnels with a focus on crypto, crypto exchange, registration in various crypto services and robots, and mining. A worldwide GEO is most common. Crypto services usually use English so your users should be familiar with English terminology.

Crypto traffic and offers

Crypto traffic and offers on

How do crypto affiliate programs work?

  • To start with, you should analyze your traffic: whether your users want to invest in a cryptocurrency or mining services, or to exchange/buy/sell a cryptocurrency at the best rate, or to use it in any other way. 3snet managers will help to choose the right offer for your traffic.
  • Most crypto offers have either a RevShare or a CPA pricing model; a CPL model is less common.
  • When traffic is being assessed, these are, first, ROI and, secondly, the engagement rate that matter to advertisers. Some advertisers focus on particular KPIs, others have a long holding period. You may be asked and should be ready to provide additional information about your audience and marketing strategies during your test.
  • After the test, affiliates can get individual payouts and limits of conversions, which can be either higher or lower than those mentioned in the offer. Everything will depend on the quality of your traffic. Neither advertisers nor 3snet will pay for fraudulent or incentivized traffic.
  • Payout schemes often depend on the holding period and the pricing model. RevShare is paid once a month for service crypto offers and once a week for mining offers. CPA funnels are paid for once a week. You can find detailed information about holding periods and payment terms in each offer in 3snet system.

3snet is waiting for your high quality crypto traffic!

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