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3SNET offers education affiliate programs: foreign languages, educational platforms, courses and trainings, school educational programs, and additional education. Deliver traffic to any of the CPA, CPL, or the RevShare education offers for any GEO.

How do education affiliate programs work?

  • After the registration in 3SNET, the affiliate can choose any offer and get the personal tracking link that should be used in the advertising campaigns.
  • The advertiser provides recommendations and imposes restrictions regarding traffic sources, GEOs, target audience, creatives, etc. The affiliate should closely follow all the instructions to deliver the right audience and to have all the traffic approved.
  • The affiliate should also pay attention to the terms of the test, the schedule of verifications and payouts for education offers. Usually payouts are made weekly that makes education offers attractive for those affiliates who value the fast money turnover.
  • A successful campaign is impossible without users who are truly motivated to study; they should be willing to buy courses and subscriptions for updates. It is important for the advertiser to get only the high-quality traffic.
  • The affiliate will receive the payout only after the user performs the required action that can be the registration, deposit, or the purchase.

At the moment, we have paused the acceptance of this type of traffic. Meantime you can still find offers from all legal TSUPIS bookmakers from Russia and the CIS countries, a huge selection of betting and gambling offers for foreign countries (Latam, Asia, Europe, etc.)  in 3snet system.

If you want to launch your offer in our affiliate network, use the contact form to get in touch with our sales department.


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