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3SNET offers a large number of nutra affiliate programs: various dietary supplements and preparations for healthy living and weight loss, fat burners, detoxification, arthritis and leg pain, prostatitis and sexual potency improvement, vitamins and supplements for better sleep. A wide selection of GEOs and various pricing models (CPA, CPL, CPS, and RevShare) are available. All of the nutra offers have detailed information about the required quality of traffic and the accepted traffic sources. Pre-made creatives and landing pages are provided.

How do nutra affiliate programs work?

  • Nutra is one of the most popular verticals in internet marketing. Many advertisers adapt foreign products for Russia and the CIS countries and launch their own affiliate programs. White3snet has offers for other countries as well.
  • The affiliate gets the personal tracking link and uses it in the promotional campaigns. All of the offer’s terms have to be met: GEOs, accepted traffic sources, and other important assessment criteria. The advertiser quite often provides the affiliate with the pre-made landing pages and creatives.
  • What is important for advertisers is to get the buyer for their products. Therefore, they are ready to pay the affiliate not only for the first purchase made by the customer but for each that will follow.
  • After the traffic is approved by the advertiser, the affiliate gets the payout. Payouts in 3SNET are made weekly.
At the moment, we have paused the acceptance of this type of traffic. Meantime you can still find offers from all legal TSUPIS bookmakers from Russia and the CIS countries, a huge selection of betting and gambling offers for foreign countries (Latam, Asia, Europe, etc.)  in 3snet system.


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