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The 3Snet network introduces a new partner – Facebook account rental service rents out Ukrainian *Facebook accounts of real people who know about launching ads through their profiles. This allows you to solve any problems within 5 minutes directly with them in messenger!

All you need to know:

All accounts have been created at least six months ago, with over 50 real friends, correspondence and photos. All accounts have never launched any ads before! offers:

  • “Start” product – passing the advertising ban (RDA);
  • “Medium” product with the guarantee of passing the RDA with two business managers and advertising accounts;
  • “Professional” product – passing the RDA with unlimited substitution in case of a block and a personal assistant.

There’s always the option of renting and linking the best 4g Private Mobile Proxy Unlimited to your account.

3Snet partners can get a 10% discount when you activate any package using the promo code Fbrentxfun.

*Facebook Instagram and Facebook services are blocked by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia.

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