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#Traffic filtration
Look for a promo code for a discount in cloaking_house on 3SNET!



3Snet recommends a new partner, a cloud-based service for protection and filtering of unwanted traffic.

Cloaking.House is a powerful system for protecting your traffic, created by media buyers for media buyers. The guys have carefully thought out the functionality, making it as simple and convenient as possible. Now you’ll be able to conquer even the most fastidious traffic source.

A bit about the advantages:

  • Machine Learning based filtering;
  • suitable for all sources: *FB, *Instagram, Google Ads, Yandex, MyTarget, etc;
  • flexible filtering by country, device, OS, browser, IPv6, ISP, Referrer;
  • easy integration. PHP and cloaked link;
  • a number of favourable tariffs;
  • detailed statistics.

Sounds attractive, we know! But that’s not all…

To all new users the guys provide:

  • free access for 7 days
  • 30% DISCOUNT on any tariff by PROMOCODE: 3SNET.

You can ask questions here:

*Meta Corporation is recognized as extremist in Russia, the Facebook and Instagram service belonging to it is blocked.


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