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What’s new on Facebook?

Advertisement of several brands in one block
Facebook launched the advertisement of several brands in one block in a test mode. These advertisements will be visible to users in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
The social network combines the PR campaigns of brands that have agreed to participate in the one block experiment. It is supposed that «one block advertisement» will cost companies less than “classical advertisement” in the future . According to the representative of Facebook, the company hasn’t took a decision on the pricing policy in regard to the experimental format of promotion.

There are also the new metrics on Facebook
The social network hasn’t forgot to update Ads Manager and presented several metrics. They are designed to help with estimating data retention. Using the metrics, you will learn how many times the user has opened the application after downloading and also you can know the price of one person’s deduction.

What will be the point if 1 million users leave Facebook?
In the near future about 1 million European users may leave Facebook due to the law of protection on personal data of GDPR adopted in Europe.
The credit institution of Morgan Stanley conducting a research notes that after entry into force of GDPR, Facebook is required to force millions of European users to agree to collect the data. Then they could continue to use social network.
According to Morgan Stanley, about 3 million users from Europe left Facebook in the second quarter of this year , taking in consideration that European audience in the first quarter was about 282 million people.

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