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TOP casino offers for Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizia)

Good news from Kyrgyzstan! Though casinos are officially banned and can’t operate legally in Kyrgyzstan, no one blocks websites of foreign casinos. Gamblers from Kyrgyzstan can access almost all online casinos, and there aren’t any means of control over or penalties for gambling activities of people. 3snet network has listed the best offers from casinos where Kyrgyz players will be warmly welcomed! CPA offers:

  • RedStar — $40
  • Joy Casino — $35
  • Jozz [Teaser/Push/Email/Other] — $30
  • Booi [Push/Email/Teaser/Messengers/Doorway/Popunder] — $25
  • Mostbet — $22
  • Play Fortuna [Email/Push/Teaser/Other] — $22
  • BetWinner Casino — $21
  • Vulkan For Email — 1100 RUB.

RevShare offers:

  • Vavada — 40%
  • Joy Casino — 35%.

What can be said about gambling games in Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizia)?

In 2012, the Kyrgyz authorities decided to ban all gambling games in the country. A ban on parimutuel and sports betting businesses was announced later, in 2015. The ban resulted in budget losses of 980 million Kyrgyzstani som (more than $14 mln) during the period 2012-2018. The Kyrgyz authorities have no regulatory powers to control foreign gambling businesses, and, as a result, the state budget and local businesses have lost more than $65 mln. The law on prohibition of gambling activities in Kyrgyzstan left about 7,500 people without work and forced another thousand people to emigrate. In 2019, a new bill on regulation of gambling games on the territory of Kyrgyzstan was introduced. It will limit or even ban online advertising of casinos and bookmakers and intensify the fight against underground casinos. Underground casinos offer “gambling deals”, i.e., placing bets on exchange rates or an increase / a decrease in the price of a non-existent product.

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