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Hot summer with 3snet!

Attention! 3snet officially announces that this summer is going to be hot!

You will find here the hottest offers from the best brands: unique terms, increased rates, highest revshare, raffles and prizes!

Check the hot promo fron our best advertisers and take part in the 3Snet Summer Race contest! The terms are very simple: the one who delivers the most get the prize!

Till the end of summer, in the offer id 2315 Parimatch CPA 9 countries, GEO rates RU and UZ, TJ were increased to 3400 rubles and $26 respectively (and previously they were only 3,000 rubles and $22)!

In the offer id 2732 Odds96 crypto CPA 5 countries, the minimum deposit is reduced to only $5! And now there is an opportunity to replenish the account not only in crypto but in dollars! Conditions are better, but your rate is the same!

Offer id 2783 Elslot CPA UA is now with a new increased rate of $27!

This is good news! In the offers id 2768 Vbet CPA UA and id 2904 Vbet casino CPA UA , the payment has been increased: now $35-40 for the first deposit of 25 UAH!

Make 50+ high quality deposits on Joy casino (id 1932, 2203, 2796) and id 2837 Bons casino and get +1,5$ to your rate! If deposits are good, your rate can be even higher!

And we raised the payout in offer id 2782 Betsafe CPA PL till the end of summer 110€ for cumulative deposit 10€!

New hot offer at the first day of July! Don’t get burnt, because the offer id 2747 Powerplay CPA CA has increased the rate up to $150!

India is shocked! It has never seen suchreally high rates! Don’t be surprised, just apply the new gambling offer id 2837 Bons casino CPA IN and take all the money! $40 payout for the f$2 FTD.

favbet hot summer 3snet 2Promo for offer id 2845 Favbet CPA UA was extended till the end of summer! CPA 35 € for a cumulative deposit 1€! And a new bonus – 1000€ for 500+ deposits! Apply for the offer and start pushing, money won’t wait!

1wim max profit 3snet 1New, exclusive and secret betting offer id 2877 1winbk CPA RU. Ask your manager for the details!

fonbet news bonus 3snet 1New day! New options! CPA payout in offer id 2286 Fonbet CPA legal KZ was extremely increased – new payout 2200 rubles! Hurry up and push the traffic!

oasis 1

Summer continues to delight with hot new gifts! Minimum deposit amount is decreased to 50 inr in offer id 2773 Oasis casino CPA IN!

betmaster 1One more offer, not to feel sad this summer! New offer id 2858 Betmaster CPA IN – 33€. First 500 ruppes is paid.

pumpkin actions 3snet We will keep the temperature high this summer! The CPA rate in offers has been increased up to $ 110 id 2759 Betonline CPA CA + US and id 2760 Wild casino CPA CA + US. The rate will turn into a pumpkin on September 1st, ! Hurry up!

olimpbet hot summer 3snet 2 Simple truth: deliver more – you earn more!

Now for Kazakhstan deliver (again, only high-quality traffic!) 150+ deposits per month or more and get an increased rate of 2100 rubles for offer id 2809 Olimp CPA KZ legal!

And up to 150 qualifications the following CPA: below 74 qualifications – 1500 rubles from 75 to 149 qualifications – 1800 rubles.

olimpbet hot summer 3snet 1

Super update for offer id 2810 Olimp CPA RU legal! The whole summer, deliver 100+ qualifications per month (we are only waiting for high-quality traffic!) And get an increased rate of 5300 rubles! And below 100 qualifications the following CPA: up to 49 qualifications – 3800 rubles from 50 to 74 qualifications – 4300 rubles from 65 to 100 qualifications – 4700 rubles.

leon hot summer 3snet

There is no better time to increase the rates, than now! And id 1788 Leon CPA RU (legal) is not an exception! Now tha CPA is 3000RUB for a cumulative deposit of 350 rubles! The rate depends on the traffic source and the webmasters’ trust!

pinnacle hot summer 3snet 2

The whole June and July run the id 2076 Pinnacle CPA RU with an increased $55 rate and get extra $300 for the 30+ftds approved by the advertiser!

bettilt hot summer 3snet

Payout is raised to 85$ in offer id 2781 Bettilt CPA ES and to 50$ in offer id 2774 Bettilt CPA TR.

vavada hot summer 3snet

Payout is raised in offer id 2004 Vavada RS WW. The payout for all new webmasters is 55% for June fnd July! Catch your luck now!

ligastavok hot summer 3snet 1

The promotion is over! Unprecedented generosity from Liga Stavok! If you push traffic to offer id 2034 Liga Stavok CPA RU (legal), it’s time to grab your largest money bag, because we will offer you something unreal! And if you haven’t started yet, stop to postpone! The rules: + 300 rub to each FTD, if the number of FTD grows 20% each month + 300 rub to each FTD, if its amount is 500 rub or more + 300 rub to each FTD, if number of RTD is 50% or more from the number of FTD. Ask your manager for details!


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