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Top 10 RevShare offers for betting and gambling

RevShare is a payment model in affiliate marketing where a percentage of the amount of money lost by a new user is paid as a reward.

It’s obvious that offers with the RevShare payment model have lots of advantages:

  • it’s not a one-time payment, the money is received over a long period of time. The advertiser pays a percentage all the time as long as the attracted player makes deposits and bets;
  • the amount of payment isn’t fixed, it depends on how active the new user of the online casino or betting shop is;
  • a huge number of accepted sources and room for creativity;
  • Want to know more about RevShare? Go to the Knowledge Base on 3Snet!

The 3Snet network has prepared the top ten best gambling offers, where you pay by the RevShare.


  • Webby Slot 23 Countries — 40%;
  • Leon 3 Countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)  — 35%;
  • Marathon Bet 14 Countries (Russia, CIS, India, South Korea, China) — 30%;
  • Melbet RU+CIS — 30%;
  • 1xBet  RU+CIS — 25%.


  • Vavada WW (GEO priority: RU + CIS, Europe, Turkey) – 45%;
  • Fastpay Casino 6 Countries (Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) – 40%;
  • Surf Casino RU+CIS – 40%;
  • Casino 4U 7 Countries (Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland) – 40%;
  • Joy Casino RU+CIS – 35%.

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