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Top-10 casino offers for Ukraine GEO

On July 14, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the second, final reading adopted the bill No. 2285-d on state regulation of the gambling business. It was supported by 248 deputies. According to the document, land-based gambling establishments, as well as their online versions, will be transferred to the category of legal ones. Thanks to this, the gambling business of Ukraine will be withdrawn from the underground and will begin to generate revenue in the country’s budget.

In the nearest future, the document will be sent for signature to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The new law will enter into force the day after publication.
3snet network offers to choose the best gambling offers for Ukraine GEO and start delivering traffic right now! All offers operate on the CPA model.

  • id 1624 Casino-x – $ 34 per deposit.
  • id 2203 Joy casino (FTD) – $ 35 for the first deposit, the amount depends on the method of deposit. Context allowed.
  • id 2258 888starz – $ 30 for accumulative deposit and rates. There are 3 more countries in GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.
  • id 1977 Parimatch casino – $ 30 for accumulative deposit. It can be delivered via mobile applications.
  • id 1647 Favorit – 24 euros for the first deposit.
  • id 2266 Joker [context] – $ 24 for the first deposit for a certain amount.
  • id 2295 Riobet – 1800 rubles for a minimum deposit.
  • id 2284 Kosmolot (fb + apps) – $ 19 for the first deposit and 1 spin from the active player.
  • id 2209 1casino – $ 15 for the first deposit from an active player. There is a creative package from the advertiser.
  • id 2281 Mostbet Casino – $ 15 for accumulative deposit. Brand context allowed.

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