Binary options: traffic and offers

Binary options: traffic and offers

Binary options traffic and offers in 3snet

There are no offers on binary in 3SNET CPA networ, but we always welcome HQ traffic for other verticals: gambling, betting, loans, dating. 

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Binary options affiliate programs are very popular among affiliates with quality traffic. This is primary due to the fact that binary options have been around for quite a long time, they are well studied and offer effective money making schemes. Affiliates can choose from various payment models and GEOs; all standard traffic sources are accepted. All requirements affiliates have to meet to get their traffic paid are clearly stated in every offer. This allows choosing the most effective scheme that will suit each particular affiliate. Advertisers, for their part, do their best to achieve good results, providing affiliates with a variety of landing pages and creative sets.          

buy leads on CPL or CPA basis

buy leads on CPL or CPA basis on

All advertisers who offer binary options programs work in the same standard way.

  1. Each affiliate who joins the binary options affiliate program gets a personal affiliate link. This link is used to identify that a particular affiliate has delivered a particular client who has then performed an action defined as a conversion (for binary options, it is usually either a registration or a deposit).
  2. Among allowed traffic sources, the affiliate chooses the ones he or she wants and knows how to work with and uses pre-made creatives together with his or her personal affiliate link. Creatives are eye-catching materials that make users click on the link and perform a required action.
  3. The advertiser receives traffic, evaluates its quality, and pays the affiliate for the delivered clients.
  4. Affiliates can work with the same offers for quite long, analyzing statistics, choosing the most effective sources, changing strategies to increase profit.

Some important issues should be taken into consideration to achieve maximum results.

  • The target audience. Binary options are a financial instrument which can bring users with certain skills steady income. Current binary options are easy to understand. Both male and female users can be identified as the targets. What is really important is the age. Any financial actions can be performed only by adults. Moreover, psychology and the level of intelligence of potential clients should be considered. Potential clients are most probably looking for either a main or an alternative source of steady income; they should be educated well enough to understand how financial instruments work and how they can make money online.
  • Terms of the offer. The affiliate should always meet all terms of the offer. Only allowed traffic sources (for example, fraudulent, incentivized traffic and sometimes spam in social networks and other sources are forbidden) and GEOs can be used. Clients’ age and spoken languages should also be taken into account. A failure to fully meet all terms might result in a refusal of the advertiser to pay the affiliate commission.

There are three pricing models the affiliate can choose from:

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as cost per action, is a pricing model where the advertiser pays the affiliate if a client comes to the binary options website and makes the first deposit. In some offers, the affiliate can be paid a percentage of the client’s deposit.
  • Cost per lead (CPL) is a variation on the CPA model. The advertiser pays the affiliate for a certain action performed by a client on the website. The certain action can be either a registration or an approved registration, when a client communicates with the call-center. Commission rates in CPA and CPL offers can vary significantly: deposits are paid much more for, but they are more difficult to deliver.
  • Revenue Share (RevShare) model implies that the advertiser pays the affiliate a percentage of all client’s deposits (not only of the first deposit but of all other deposits as well).

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