Forex affiliate programs

Forex affiliate programs

Forex affiliate programs Offers trafic 3snet

There are no offers on forex in 3SNET CPA networ, but we always welcome HQ traffic for other verticals: gambling, betting, loans, dating. 

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Affiliate programs of Forex brokers deservedly popular with webmasters for a long time. This is due to the fact that the subtleties of work in this vertical have long been studied. The advertiser prescribes detailed conditions in advance in the offer: not only the GEO and the CPA (registration or deposit), but also a clear list of traffic sources, the days of the week, the approval rules. This setting of tasks allows webmasters to concretize their efforts and receive payments faster. In addition, affiliate programs for Forex assume a fairly large monetary reward for each new customer. At the same time, the advertiser, for his part, is also most interested in the effective work of webmasters: not only a variety of landings are provided, but also specially designed creatives.

How do Forex affiliates work?

  1. Each new partner participating in the forex program gets a referral link for work. The peculiarity of such a link is that it can be determined from which webmaster (arbitrator) the client came to the website and made a paid action.
  2. The partner places his link together with an attractive material for the target audience. And the creatives (proposed materials), and the placement (social networks, e-newsletters, websites) should not only meet the requirements of the advertiser, but also force the Internet user to click on the link and register (or make a first deposit).
  3. After the necessary action is taken, the advertiser pays the partner a remuneration agreed in advance.
  4. The webmaster can monitor its effectiveness throughout the entire advertising campaign, changing the strategy if necessary, and thus increasing the payment.

An important place in the work of the webmaster is the right choice of the target audience. Some of its features, such as age over 21, can be described in advance by the advertiser in the account. In addition, people who have a free investment amount can become interested in forex and the opportunity to earn with this financial instrument. At the same time, they need to understand the economic nuances to a certain extent: on the one hand, to hear about Forex and understand how it can work, on the other – their knowledge is not enough for independent investment of money.

The second most important place is occupied by the traffic receiving channel. Traditionally, the advertiser rejects the fraud and incent (and at the same time declines all payments to this publisher). In forex offers, in some cases, there are specific restrictions: spam is prohibited in social networks, placement of links on sites with porn themes, the use of instant messengers and sending via sms, as well as video advertising. The best traffic is converted from websites with the Forex rating, financial themed websites, and social networks.

You can earn money on Forex by getting a reward from an advertiser on one of the possible schemes:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action or “pay per action”). The advertiser is ready to pay for a new client who will make the first deposit to the forex site. The amount of remuneration for a webmaster is usually strictly fixed and does not depend on the payments made by the new client.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) also implies the client performing a certain action, but of a different kind. Most often, the advertiser is willing to pay for a confirmed registration: the client enters the website and leaves his contact information, and also answers calls from the call center. By the CPL model, it’s easier to get customers, but the payment for each new customer in this case is lower than the CPA.
  • RevShare is the model by which the publisher receives a percentage of the money raised by the attracted client. In Forex affiliate programs such payment model is extremely rare.

You can earn on the affiliate program of Forex both independently and through an affiliate network. The second option, despite the presence of an intermediary, is much more profitable for webmasters. This is due to the fact that the partner network causes more confidence in the advertiser than a single publisher. In addition, the network usually receives long-term, which is, more favorable conditions for work: advertisers are ready to improve conditions and increase payments to ensure a good and stable result.

CPA-network 3snet specializes in forex-topics and offers webmasters unique working conditions:

  • a variety of forex offers: many options for both brands and KPI;
  • wide GEO: not only all countries of the world, but also users speaking a certain language (English, German);
  • payment for CPA or CPL, payment of rewards exactly within the agreed timeframe;
  • the possibility of individual conditions and rates;
  • working recommendations “how to deliver traffic to forex” from other network partners; constant online support from network managers.

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