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How and where to direct traffic on Halloween?

Legends say that otherworldly forces awaken on Halloween, causing misfortune and doubt. But the cleverest and bravest ones know – it’s not time to be afraid, it’s time to send traffic! ‘Cause you have to use any reason to attract a new customer to your betting shop or casino site! Plan and set up your betting or gambling advertising campaign in advance, and no skeletons can damage your pumpkin!

Want a frighteningly high convert and disgustingly large payouts? Bloodthirsty, but as always cool network 3SNET has prepared the top offers to direct traffic for Halloween! Go for the landing pages and bonuses! 

Gambling CPA:

  • Bons casino KR;
  • Joy casino  RU / BY;
  • Ozarkbet Casino  11 countries;
  • LuckyDreams casino (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada);
  • SI Casino US.

Betting&gambling CPA:

  • Betelli TR;
  • Intobet TR;
  • SPINbookie (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador).

Drive traffic, if you are not a zombie!

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