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Where to deliver eSports traffic to

The number of people who understand all intricacies of eSports is growing rapidly. Increasing interest in the niche means that people not only follow tournaments and performances of their favorite teams but also place bets. 3snet network has listed the best esports offers.

GGbet is a platform for betting on the most interesting eSports events around the world.
Requirements to audience: men aged 18-40 with online games- and eSports-related interests have to constitute up to 90% of traffic.
New tournaments take place every week, and you can regularly change promo materials (landing pages, countdown banners, etc.).


  • $55 for a deposit of 500 RUB from an active player. GEO: Russia. It is a legal offer—the bookmaker operates through TSUPIS-2.
  • $40 for a sum of deposits which is equal to $10. The sum has to be deposited by an active player within 14 days from registration. GEO: European countries except Turkey, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.
  • 26$ for a sum of deposits. GEO: all European countries except Ukraine.
    40% RevShare. GEO: WW except Spain, UK, France, USA, Turkey, Germany, Italy.

Rivalry is a licensed and regulated platform for everybody who wants to bet securely on favorite games.
The CPA goal is the fist deposit of $15 from an active player. GEO: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.
Requirement: returning players have to constitute at least 50% of traffic.

Cyberbet is a bookmaker who accepts bets on eSports disciplines.
55% RevShare throughout player’s lifetime.
GEO: WW except USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Cyprus, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan.

Loot bet is an eSports-oriented bookmaker.
48% RevShare throughout player’s lifetime. There is no negative carryover.
GEO: WW except USA and its territories, France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories (including Boneir, St. Eustatius, Saba, Aruba, Curacao, St. Martin), Belize, Belarus, UK, Cyprus, Malta.

1xbet Cybersport
Priority traffic sources: entertainment resources (films, torrents, etc.), sports news, video streams.
Lifetime RevShare. Virtual bonuses which have been issued to players are calculated into. RevShare also covers all services of the advertiser which the player comes to within the domain.

  • 20% GEO: WW except Russia and CIS, USA, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Malta, Israel, Cyprus, Iran, Slovakia, Belgium, Australia.
  • 15% GEO: Russia and CIS.

The eSports niche is on the rise. It is confirmed by the fact that websites of almost all bookmakers now have a special section where players can bet on eSports events.

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