How do Affiliate programs with betting companies work?

The betting business is one of the most profitable and lucrative. Everyone can make good money: not only bookmakers themselves, but also Affiliates who attract new players.  Earnings on the BC Affiliate program start with the choice of brand and offer. 

  • The popularity of a betting company (brand) affects the recognition and trust of users. It is important for Affiliates, as it is easier to attract a new player to the Affiliate program site accepting sports betting. 
  • Offers suggested by BC Affiliate programs always contain a full and detailed description of the conditions under which the traffic will be accepted. It is essential to focus not only on the size of the bet! Attention should be paid to GEO, target audience, priority and banned sources, hold time and payout periods.  

Betting Affiliate programs propose cooperation on different payment schemes. Each of them has its own benefits: 

  • CPA or payment per required action. In this case, the Affiliate receives a fixed amount if the new player makes the first deposit, tops up the account by a certain amount or makes the required number of bets. With CPA, the amount of reward and its conditions are always clear in advance, but you can receive it only once per newcomer.
  • RevShare is a percentage of the money that will make up the advertiser’s profit. Affiliates of betting companies are ready to pay for the entire period of the ” player’s lifetime on the site”. This means that the media buyer will get his money every time the bet of the client referred by him will not play off. It is very important to focus not only on the deployment, but also on the calculation scheme. For more details, read the 3Snet case study: How to earn on RevShare? 
  • The hybrid payment model (CPA+RS) when partnering with a bookmaker’s office is very popular and profitable for everyone. For the first time the reward can be received under CPA, when the visitor of the BC site will perform the desired action (deposit or bets). Next, the RevShare scheme will start to function: as long as the player makes bets, the Affiliate will receive a percentage.

How to connect bookmaker’s offers in the 3Snet CPA Network? 

A new Affiliate to participate in the bookmaker’s referral program receives a unique link leading to the site of the selected BC. This will allow the advertiser to understand where exactly the new user came from. 

The Affiliate launches an ad campaign and places information about the brand on websites and blogs, social network groups, YouTube channels, makes mailings (email, push or sms). Sources for attracting traffic to the BC Affiliate program may vary in different offers: sometimes the advertiser specifies the necessary ones, sometimes the webmaster can independently choose the most convenient and high-converting ones. Fraud and motive are strictly forbidden, other channels can be used in accordance with the bookmaker’s requirements. 

A successful advertising campaign requires promotional materials of high quality. Most bookmaker’s Affiliate programs provide their own creatives: banner and landing pages for all significant events, offer a variety of promotions and bonuses. In any case, an advertising campaign should be precisely oriented to the target audience: the right GEO, the paying population over 18 (or 21) years old. For specifics of betting work with the target audience of different countries, read the Reviews on the 3Snet website.

If the advert placed attracts the new user’s attention, he clicks on the link to the betting company’s website. Then it is necessary for him to perform the required action – register, make the first deposit, start betting on sports. After that, the 3Snet Affiliate receives his reward: a certain amount or a percentage. 

Therefore, with the help of the provided tools and statistics, the media buyer can monitor the development of the advertising campaign along with its effectiveness and change the strategy if necessary.


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