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Case: How to make money on crypto leads without cloaking in Yandex Advertising Network

  • Affiliate network: 3snet
  • Offer No.: 1391
  • GEO: Russia
  • Time period: from 15 to 30 June 2020
  • Money spent on Yandex Advertising Network (YAN): 31,076 rubles or ~$425
  • Payout: $250 for minimum deposit $250
  • Registration-to-deposit conversion rate: 3.54% for 15 days.
  • Total money earned: $2,500 from 15 to 30 June + $250 (one more deposit). I expect another 2-3 deposits.
  • Net profit: $2325

How to make money on crypto leads without cloaking in YAN

Screenshot of my statistics:

Кейс от 3snet на крипту Скрин статы

In the screenshot: 282 registrations have given 10 deposits. To date, one more deposit has been received. Conversion rate is 3.9% overall.

How to create a landing page

Landing pages were created with I spied on investment landing pages, chose several examples, googled them by title and copied with HTtrack.
Prior to running an ad campaign, I revised all my landing pages with 3snet. They, together with the advertiser’s call center, worked on the calling script and then asked to make some changes to the landing pages, to put an emphasis on something like “Millionaires Club”, “Exclusive Members Club”, etc. And that is what I did.

How to pass YAN moderation

I was buying traffic in YAN. My creatives passed moderation without cloaking as there were no links on the landing pages. Visitors were offered to fill out an application form. I didn’t even use any redirect tracker. I simply didn’t need it. Here are examples of my landing pages which passed YAN moderation:

Пример лендинга на крипту для кейса 3snet

Apply to join the Club!
Additional bonuses
Receive daily analytics reports – Get trading signals straight to your mobile phone – Learn from the best

Как лить на крипту пример лендинга от 3snet

Welcome to the Club! Apply to access our private strategies, indicators, and binary options trading robots. To prevent data leakage, every application is processed manually. We ask you to give accurate information.

Готовы ли стать трейдером пример лендинга для кейса 3snet

Online test
Are you ready to become a Trader?
Complete the test and get a unique TRADING pack!
Why are you interested in trading?
4 answers to choose from are given below

And even this one passed YAN moderation successfully:

Хотите зарабатывать в интернете пример лендинга от 3snet

Do you want to make money online?
Spend 5 minutes and get a ready-made solution!
A fundamentally new method to make money online!
What can you start with?
Fill out the form and we will send you an email with a step-by-step money-making guide.

Everybody can run an ad campaign without links and pass moderation more easily.

How to send leads

I was collecting all leads from my landing pages in Excel. From 2 to 4 times a day, I was copy-pasting the data to Google Sheets, and 3snet was automatically importing my leads. This is how my table looked like:

таблица регистраций кейс от 3snet

It is a kind of simplified API.

Now I’m about to run a test on Facebook. I’m going to deliver Russian-speaking traffic from European countries.
There are two advantages here:

3snet says conversion rates for Russian-speaking Europe reach 12-16%.

  • You don’t need to create landing pages for Facebook. Leads can be collected and exported with Ads Manager.
  • We’ll see how it’ll all work out.

Commentary from 3snet:
You can work the same way with any creatives, offers, and GEOs. If you want to connect to offers, contact your manager in 3snet.

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